Administration and Working of HPV-Basant as A Vaginal Capsule

Vaginal capsules and vaginal suppositories are a proven and popular method of inserting medicines into your genital skin to heal related disorders. Here, we will see how HPV-Basant works as a vaginal capsule, with the administration process also under mention.

About Vaginal Suppositories

You may consume numerous medicines that include different methods of administration in your system. These include supplements, pills, tonics, oils, pastes or creams, injection shots, etc. A popular technique of administration in this category is a vaginal capsule or suppository.

Vaginal capsules are solid in structure, usually oval-shaped and turn into liquid on insertion, which gradually gets absorbed into the bloodstream. Multiple scenarios could lead to the administration of vaginal suppositories. It could either be:

  1. Reasons that require the avoidance of pills or general medicines like vomiting, swallowing difficulty, bitter taste, etc.
  2. Reasons that demand the direct administration of vaginal insertion such as fungal infections, bacterial infections, birth control effects, dryness in the genital area, etc.

Vaginal suppositories could be of various types - contraceptive, over-the-counter (OTC), natural, hormone, vitamin E, etc. The method of insertion may vary for vaginal tablets according to specific instructions. Your gynaecologist can help you with further information regarding vaginal capsules.

HPV-Basant - Administration and Working

HPV-Basant is a polyherbal formulation that works as a natural solution for healing HPV infection and related symptoms. Basant includes ingredients like Amla, Aloe vera, Curcumin and Neem, along with excipients. Basant is available in packets of 30 capsules, all to be inserted into your vagina on consecutive days (except during menstruation time).

The general tips for the administration and how to insert vaginal tablet, HPV-Basant. are listed below:

  • Basant can be administered in intravaginal mode at night.
  • It is recommended to use it before your bedtime as there is a risk of leakage for vaginal capsules.
  • Remember to wash your vagina clean before the capsule insertion. Dry it fully with a clean towel and apply Basant as your final task before going to sleep.
  • You don’t have to worry about the working process of the formulation. Basant will follow the designated route of operation during your sleep, and you won’t feel a thing in the morning.
  • No applicator is needed for inserting Basant. You can simply use your fingers. You may do the capsule insertion yourself or seek the help of a caretaker.
  • Clean your hands and fingers after the insertion. Keep soap and warm water handy on your nightstand before lying down.
  • It’s okay to wear loose clothes after Basant insertion. Sanitary napkins or tissues are perfect for use after administration.
  • Do not douch (spraying or showering with water) your vagina during the period of administering Basant.

Final Thought

You should be in touch with an expert to guide you in the steps of administering Basant. They are the best to help you determine how to use vaginal tablet. It works for both vaccinated and non-vaccinated people, aiding in their fight against HPV infection or a basic related symptom. All the best for your healing process.