Are Men Prone to HPV Infection?

The answer in one word is yes. It’s a big yes that recent statistics and research reports show that men are more prone to infections than women and the numbers are rapidly rising.

The huge numbers of HPV infections in men owe them to high percentages, and easier transmission during oral sex. Find out more about HPV infection in men and the unique scenario regarding potential tests.

HPV Infection in Men

HPV infections in men possess a huge risk, and they might also lead to different types of cancers, including throat cancer. This might even cause a risk of head or neck cancer.

The primary advantage of HPV infection in men is the pace at which the infection can be removed. HPV strains stay for a lesser time in men compared to their women counterparts.

The more common health condition in men that is more prevalent than cancer is the existence of warts (genital) and certain skin conditions.

Symptoms, Risk Factors, Tests & Treatments

The top symptoms of HPV infection in men include conditions like warts, skin diseases and symptoms of different cancerous growths. HPV in men symptoms are not always visible, so frequent tests are a must. The risk factors that fuel HPV infection could be age, numerous sexual partners, a weaker immune system, skin disorders and sexual activities, including genital skin contact.

The general tests to determine HPV infection are the HPV test, Pap Smear Test and small tests at home that includes self-diagnosis. But these all apply to testing HPV in women. There are no proven HPV in men test to determine HPV infection, which is of huge concern considering the infection numbers.

As for the available HPV in men treatment, some vaccines like Gardasil 9 will work. The vaccination age is from 9 - 45 years and is recommended for all boys in the USA.

But what if you are a man who missed out on one or all of the vaccine doses and get infected with HPV? There is only one known solution to counter this situation. It is a herbal formulation called HPV-Basant that is mainly for women but one which men can also use.

Women use HPV-Basant as a vaginal capsule. For men, you can break the shell of the capsule and apply the paste to the affected area showing symptoms of infection. Regular and continuous use is guaranteed to work in your favour and cure you of the infection in time.

Preventive Measures & Relationship Tips for HPV-Infected Men

Considering the lack of awareness and generic medications for HPV-infected men, it is better to follow some preventive tips that include relationship points.

  • The old saying ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ is very apt in case of HPV infections. Stay ahead of the curve with safe sexual practices.
  • If the symptoms are warts or general skin diseases, treatment procedures and effective medications are available.
  • Be honest with your sexual partner(s) about the infection. Hiding the infection and putting your partner at risk is a big no.
  • Some professionals advise anal pap tests to determine HPV infection in men. This is in the case of symptoms of anal cancer.

Parting Thought

Getting infected with HPV is not a judgement of your lifestyle or sexual habits. But not opting for vaccine doses, not doing sufficient tests and not following up with the only existing treatment in case of infection is surely a cause of worry.

Do not disregard your health and wellness just because you are suffering from a common medical condition or because you feel like ignoring the signs of HPV infection in males. Trust the professional advice and proceed with relevant steps at the right stage.