Basant and Other Herbal Cures for HPV

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection is a common disease among women that arises from skin-to-skin sexual contact. In most scenarios, the infection is harmless and does not lead to any critical illnesses. But when an HPV infection gets severe, it will cause problems like cervical cancer. 

This article explains the best herbal cure for HPV - Basant.

Herbal Treatments against HPV

Do not forget that even people with HPV natural immunity are susceptible to the infection. If untreated, HPV can become a thorn in your health and wellness goals. Herbal remedies are a guarantee in providing the cure for your HPV infection, and reliable sources scientifically prove it.

Listed below are the most popular herbal procedures to remove HPV.


The no.1 proven solution for dealing with an HPV infection is the product called HPV-Basant - an output of extensive scientific research and incredible naturally existing herbs. The top herbs that compose the core of this product are curcumin, amla, aloe vera and neem.

The product is popular among HPV-infected women across the globe. The results, reviews and feedback from the users are positive so far, with 100% success stories. The infected are adopting HPV herbal healing at a rapid rate.

Herbs and Supplements

Apart from the herbs that make up the Basant formulation, there are some excellent natural herbs and supplements to aid in your cause of treating HPV. The proven ones in natural remedies for HPV infection include extracts of green tea, shiitake mushroom and broccoli. 

Vitamins A and C serve the purpose of tackling your HPV worries. You may also opt for supplements like manjishta and neem capsules, with a direct intake option. You can use thuja oil and tea tree oil to remove the condition of HPV warts.

Folate is another successful component in this category and is simply the naturally existing form of vitamin B9. Rather than removing tissues or cells like in therapeutic methods, this one is essentially about the addition of healthy, functional cells.

Naturopathic Solutions

The naturopathic solutions are not 100% effective, and you cannot trust them to cure your HPV symptoms fully. A professional practitioner’s advice is a must for trying these procedures under HPV herbal treatments.

The top popular remedies in this category are hookworm therapy (which includes the use of hookworms) and methods like vaginal suppositories and escharotics that remove infected tissues or cells. 

In a Nutshell

If a regular PAP Smear test shows a positive result for HPV, it’s natural for you to feel worried and tense. We won’t ask you to stay cool. But remember that anxiety won’t resolve your issue. The best solution is to trust the pure, traditional Ayurveda approach and go for a natural treatment procedure. 

At the moment, Basant is the best in this category promising the complete cure for your HPV troubles. The herbal formulation includes all the major herbs that help cure HPV and is easily available at affordable prices.