HPV-Basant: Presenting A Research Report Based on The Clinical Trial Experiment

All new innovative solutions in the world of healthcare demand a proven research report that credibly verifies the product or service before introduction to the target market. Our product HPV-Basant is no different. The solution studies the history of HPV infection since its discovery in the 1980s and delivers a formulation with no side effects and one that can act as a completely natural remedy.

We have conducted and published a clinical report on how the herbal formulation called HPV-Basant works in healing HPV infection symptoms. This post covers the pretreatment and posttreatment observations of verified subjects in the application of HPV-Basant.

Clinical Report on HPV-Basant: Background

HPV-Basant is a natural solution that includes the purified extracts of Curcumin, Amla, Neem and Aloe vera with allowed and legal pharmacological excipients. The formulation is effective in helping treat HPV infection and related symptoms.

The healthcare background of HPV-Basant proves a working technique that can deal with issues like pathogen actions, inhibitory actions against common drugs and prevention of HPV strain entries.

For this study, 159 women were chosen. These candidates were selected from the visitors at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Aligarh. The factors that we involved in the selection process for this clinical report sheet are as follows:

  • The women belonged to the reproductive age group (25 - 45 years).
  • The subjects did undergo regular monthly menses between 21 - 35 days.
  • The subjects used contraceptives effectively.
  • The women were sexually active with the assistance of complying partners in using barrier methods during the test period.
  • All subjects have undergone total hysterectomy.


From the complete list of subjects, 35 women were selected for the final treatment round who faced issues with an inflammatory cervix and an abnormal Pap smear. 19 out of 35 subjects tested positive for HPV infection.

Out of the 19 women who were handed the HPV-Basant formulation, only 11 subjects agreed to undergo the trial. Basant is introduced as an intravaginal insertion capsule. The 11 subjects were supposed to undergo this treatment for 30 days.

In this clinical report example and research context, all 11 women were HPV +ve and were showing abnormal results in Pap Smear tests. As part of the treatment schedule, various tests were conducted at regular intervals, which covered Pap Smear, visual inspection and colposcopy examination.


As part of the experiment, all 11 women did undergo HPV-Basant insertion in their vaginas for 30 days. After completion of the scheduled time, 11 of them were found to be healed of their HPV symptoms. These 11 subjects tested negative for HPV infection.

Pap Smear tests were done after the research completion and showed excellent responses compared to the results before the study. Of the 11 subjects in the clinical report sample, case number 3 showed a normal Pap Smear result, and the rest of the 10 cases showed variation from HPV symptoms like LSIL, AGUS and INF to inflammatory symptoms alone.


We can conclude here that HPV-Basant is a working formulation that can help in treating your HPV symptoms. It helps you fight off the HPV infection before it turns into a critical condition like cervical cancer or other types of genital cancer.

HPV-Basant is safe to use, and genuine Basant HPV reviews exist from global customers who can testify to the same.