HPV Infection in Women and Pregnancy

The most crucial time in a woman’s life is her pregnancy stage and the immediate life after childbirth. You cannot put a price on the relevance of those stages in her journey.

Pregnancy is the time when a woman will feel lesser immunity compared to her regular self and is prone to more disorders or health scares if adequate care is not given. A common problem like HPV infection is possible in a woman during her pregnancy stage, considering the common factor of sex associated with them.

This article takes a peek at positive HPV and pregnancy during the stage of infection and the effects of the symptoms after childbirth.

Is it Okay to Conceive When Infected with HPV?

First things first. You might be thoroughly wondering whether it is okay to conceive and get pregnant while being infected with Human Papillomavirus (HPV) or related symptoms. 

HPV and pregnancy facts prove that being infected with an HPV symptom is not a barrier to engaging in sex, conceiving or getting pregnant. Similar to the fertility factor, your baby’s health is safe. Beyond that, you may complete the pregnancy term safely and deliver your baby as in normal circumstances.

Remember that possessing the ill effects associated with an HPV infection may cause you to be less than your normal self.

HPV Infection in Pregnant Women

When you think about HPV infection in pregnant women, most cases don’t even matter from a health and wellness perspective. But if your infection is caused by some of the high-risk strains and leads to symptoms like cervical cancer, then you might undergo some issues.

Your baby is still safe but think about the troubles associated with cancer treatment and high-dose medications on your physical health. It could be hard for your pregnancy stage. HPV and pregnancy complications are serious concerns if the health of the foetus is bad.

There are various scenarios we need to discuss regarding HPV infection during the pregnancy stage.

  • You could already be infected with HPV and are showing symptoms while getting pregnant.
  • You might have an infection, but there are no symptoms while conceiving the baby. Symptoms may or may not develop later during the pregnancy period.
  • Your HPV symptoms may occur right after childbirth or during the postpartum phase.
  • Your HPV infection starts during the pregnancy stage. Don’t worry about it, as the symptoms might take years to develop, which means your delivery period is safely over.
  • In rare cases, you have to manage both with full effect. It means you could go through different stages of your HPV infection and related symptoms during the various phases of pregnancy.

HPV Impact on Childbirth and Maternal Care

HPV infection possesses a specific impact on childbirth and maternal care. You also have the option to shed the focus on targeted segments that strictly concerns childbirth and maternal care niches.

The impact of HPV infection on childbirth and maternal care can be summarized as follows:

  • If you have serious HPV symptoms, then incidence rates might be high in early pregnancy cases.
  • Ideal cases of male fertility and female fertility can be separately studied. So far, no direct relationship has been found with an existing HPV infection.
  • Safe delivery of the baby is ensured even after getting subjected to high-risk symptoms like cervical cancer.
  • Undergo regular Pap tests even after childbirth to stay on top of your HPV infection.
  • You can undergo HPV vaccination during your high risk HPV and pregnancy Gardasil and Cervarix are proven in this category.
  • A herbal formulation called HPV-Basant is also safe for use while you are pregnant. Since the vaginal capsule is an Ayurvedic solution, there are no worries about side effects or other complexities.
  • Though not directly responsible, you have to be careful about spontaneous abortion, miscarriage and death of the foetus as these might cause extra harm to your body.

Parting Thought

Being infected with HPV doesn’t have to stop you from proceeding with your plans for getting pregnant. But at the same time, you cannot ignore the issue and leave it untreated, as an infection might cause more physical strain.

This author wishes you all the best during and after your pregnancy stage.  If you have to ever tell one of those HPV and pregnancy stories, let it be one of victory and survival. May you defeat the infection and prosper in good health.