HPV Infection: Stages of Discovery and Treatment

The HPV diagnosis and treatment stages of a person start from the vaccination time itself, as those doses contribute to preventive remedial measures. Explore this and more discovery and treatment stages in the journey of a potential HPV infection. The revelation of these stages also serves as an insight into the history of HPV discovery that covers the Human Papillomavirus lifecycle.

An Overview of Different Stages of HPV Infection

The four different stages of HPV infection diagnosis are as follows:

Primary Stage

The primary stage of HPV treatment is the administration of HPV vaccination which is done as a preventive measure. This must happen during the pre-teen and teenage years.

Usually, HPV vaccines include two or three doses set to be received at scheduled times. Nowadays, single-dose vaccines are set to be introduced to the market.

Secondary Stage

If the efficacy of the vaccine stays with you for a lifetime, then the primary prevention stage is the only step that you need to follow. As for the unfortunate scenarios where the secondary stage of diagnosis and treatment happens, it is the origin of the HPV infection spread within your body due to genital area contact.

Once the infection spreads in your body, the pre-cancerous lesions or genital warts will occur first. You have to undergo regular Pap Smear tests to discover and diagnose the infection in your body.

Once you screen them, treatment procedures follow. A recommended herbal remedy for overcoming lesions and warts is HPV-Basant, an Ayurvedic solution with the goodness of Amla, Aloe vera, Curcumin and Neem.

Tertiary Stage

The tertiary or third stage in the HPV infection cycle is the growth and spread of pre-cancerous lesions in case of leaving them unchecked or untreated. Here, the symptoms will rise to that of cancerous growth in the cervix, and you may diagnose them with the aid of designated tests.

At the moment, there is no permanent cure for cervical cancer (herbal or otherwise). You must stay alert in sexual practices, test evaluations and infection control to avoid reaching this stage.

Palliative Stage

This is the final stage of HPV infection that we hope you will never have to encounter. In the palliative stage, the infection is at its worst, and the best remedy is to provide sufficient care and support to the infected with the help of friends and family members.

In A Nutshell

There’s no excuse for avoiding HPV vaccination doses from your health and wellness calendar. As for any further infection possibilities, the optimum solution is to undergo regular tests and treat them with the support and guidance of an expert healthcare professional. Best of luck in your journey on the HPV discovery timeline!