HPV – Real Facts and Myths

When you are searching for solutions for your health issues on the internet, you get a broader outline about the disease. But, do you know most of them can be little bit exaggerated when described online or even different from reality once you experience it? Like that in our society also, false information spreads faster and you should know what is real and what is not.  

Let's see what are the myths and facts associated with HPV, the human papilloma virus infection. These are some of the real facts busting the prevalent HPV myths.  

Myth 1  

HPV and HIV are the same.  


Both are viral diseases, sexually transmitted ones; yet caused by different viruses. HIV causes immune deficiency symptoms sooner or later like flu, tiredness etc. whereas HPV can remain asymptomatic and if at all symptom appears, it can be mostly kind of genital warts like.   

Myth 2  

All genital warts are linked to HPV infection. 


Genital sores or lesions can be present in other sexually transmitted diseases like Herpes. You cannot say all genital warts are due to HPV infection alone.  

Myth 3  

Only women get HPV.  


It is estimated that about 80 % of the population get HPV infection at some point in their lives. Both males and females get this condition. In males, diagnostic test like pap smear test in women is not prevalent. That is the only thing you need to understand.  

Myth 4 

HPV is only sexually transmitted, hence present only in sexually active individuals. Fact 

This is a false notion as any kind of intimate direct skin to skin contact can transmit HPV, not only penetrative intercourse.  

Myth 5  

HPV is a rare disease condition .  


Not at all. HPV is present on every continent and is commonly found worldwide.  
Myth 6  

HPV takes many years to clear from the body.  


If you have a strong immune system, HPV clears on its own within two years.  

Myth 7  

HPV is not at all dangerous as it clears on its own.  


HPV is associated with cancers like cervical cancer if not cleared and turns malignant. Proper prevention and care are necessary to manage HPV once manifested in your body.  

Myth 8  

HPV can occur only at a young age.  


HPV can occur in all age groups. It can be severe whenever you have an immune compromised condition in your body.  

Myth 9  

Only people with multiple sexual partners can get HPV.  


This is a misconception. Even if your single partner has HPV, chances are there you will get the infection.   

Myth 10  

If one uses condom for protection, he is safe against HPV.  


It does not ensure full protection; barrier protection is fully helpful only to prevent STI like gonorrhea.  

Myth 11 

HPV does not recur once it is cleared out of the body.  


This is not true and thus establishes the fact that proper prevention and prophylactic measures are required in order to help your body to fight against this infection.  

Myth 12  

HPV is incurable as there is no cure.  


HPV has preventable HPV vaccination as per medical science and after years of clinical research, Ayurvedic polyherbal formulation BASANT is now available worldwide. This acts as preventive and prophylactic in HPV care. Basant has the ability to prevent the entry of HPV in Hela cells and also eliminates HPV-16 from already infected cells.  

About BASANT  

Basant is a novel Broad spectrum, Clinically Proven Antimicrobial Herbal Formulation for HPV. Ayurvedic researchers have found this formulation to reduce associated symptoms of HPV also. Basant is the only microbe destroying formulation (microbicide) with action on a wide variety of disease-causing organisms like HPV and HIV.   

The Technology was developed at Talwar Research Foundation, Delhi and Licensed by BCIL.Technology has been developed by a team led by Prof. G.P. Talwar, Former Director, National Institute of Immunology (NII), currently heading the Talwar Research Foundation, a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO) recognized by DSIR, Govt of India.  

Way forward  

We are living in an era when research is getting more and more popular and effective. Polyherbal formulations can be a new ray of hope to provide safe, effective and reliable solutions in HPV management in the near future.