Introducing HPV-Basant Ingredient 4: Neem

Now, we arrive at the final ingredient of HPV-Basant to complete the series on the list of herbal ingredients that constitute the formulation. Neem benefits for skin and hair are documented a lot. In this post, understand more about Azadirachta Indica or Neem on how it provides benefits to help heal HPV infections.

Benefits of Neem in Ayurveda

The general benefits of neem in Ayurveda are listed below:

  • The anti-inflammatory property of neem helps treat acne.
  • It helps provide ample nourishment to the skin.
  • Neem benefits for hair cover numerous conditions related to the niche.
  • Neem heals infections arising from fungi.
  • It helps repel mosquitos and insects from the body.
  • Neem is an effective ingredient in preventing gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Neem has the power to boost general immunity.
  • It is good for healing wounds, cuts and injuries.
  • The Neem extract supports the detoxification and purification process in one’s body.
  • It has dandruff-removal properties.
  • Is neem good for warts? Yes, it serves the function of skin exfoliation.
  • Neem oil helps decrease joint pain and discomfort.

The above is not an exhaustive list of neem benefits.

The Role of Neem in Treating HPV Infections

As for the focal point of our article, neem is incredible in helping heal HPV infections and related symptoms. It works well with aloe vera, yoghurt and sandalwood ingredients.

Neem is clinically proven to promote anticancer activity. It works specifically in aiding the fight against oral cancers. Most of the neem’s positive effects are in assisting cancer symptoms arising from Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infections.

Neem possesses a therapeutic potential that supports the modification of tumour environments and raises the cytotoxic potential of white blood cells. Inhibition of cancer cell growth is a reality that is verified in scientific research.

Neem oil for HPV offers a unique impact as it is useful for healing genital warts and early-stage cervical cancer symptoms.

The effects of neem extract extend to angiogenesis suppression, antiproliferation and suppression of NF-kB. Neem includes bioactive compounds within itself that are capable of increased transformed cell death and immunity surveillance.

The consumption of flavonoids in neem is bound to decrease the risk of gynaecological cancer symptoms (cervical, ovarian and breast cancers). The medicinal properties of neem and its extracts can help prevent cancerous growth in cells.

Parting Thought

Neem is an incredible natural ingredient by itself. When combined with items like Curcumin, Amla and Aloe vera, it creates the most efficient and proven herbal formulation, HPV-Basant, to tackle HPV infection and related symptoms. The natural solution makes the best of neem benefits Ayurveda.