Pap Smear Test and HPV Infections: All You Need to Know

It is surprising to think that for a critical and common condition like HPV, the existing guaranteed tests are very few. But that’s the unfortunate fact. Among the limited proven tests until now, the most popular one is the Pap Smear test.

What is Pap Smear Test?

A Pap Smear test (Pap test) is best for determining cervical cancer. Though professionals use it for cervical cancer detection, it indirectly works as a test for HPV infection also.

In the Pap Smear test, your doctor will subject your cervix cells to a lab test. Only a sample of the cervical cells is taken in the Pap Smear test procedure and is done so using a swab.

Who Needs Pap Smear Test?

Pap tests should be done for women as early as 21 years. The timing and frequency of the tests are decided after joint discussions between you and your doctor.

If your immune system is weak or if you are HIV+ve, then frequent tests are recommended. Avoid tests during your menstruation period, as excess bleeding might tamper with the accuracy of the output.

But no one should avoid undergoing this procedure citing trivial reasons like Pap Smear test cost or lack of lab centre availability.

Pap Smear Test Uses & Benefits

The primary benefits of a Pap Smear test are as follows:

• The Pap Smear specimen is excellent for testing both cervical cancer and HPV infection.

• Accurate and timely tests will help you detect the issue at an early stage and might turn out to be a lifesaver.

• Pap Smear tests will help you visit your gynaecologist at regular intervals. This aids you to learn about other symptoms or health scares as well.

• Pap Smear test offers you a reliable partner between 21 and 65 years of age to analyze your cervix health and possible HPV infection stage.

• The preparation for a Pap Smear test helps you practice hygiene and cleanliness on your private parts.

• The Pap Smear test results are mostly definitive of your cervix health and potential cancerous growth. A negative result will help you relax and go about your life and career with no anxiety.

General Tips to Follow for Pap Smear Test

Listed below are the tips to follow while undergoing a Pap Smear test.

• Rest in the knowledge that it takes years to develop cervical cancer and HPV infections. Even if one test misses out with a false-negative result, you will have time on your side for arriving at the correct diagnosis.

• You can stop undergoing Pap Smear tests after reaching an older age or receiving a total hysterectomy.

• Get ready for your test at least 48 hours before the procedure. Avoid sexual contact, vaginal insertions and douching during this time. Such factors could tamper with your test result.

• It’s fully okay to take a second sample or test at another lab if you feel like receiving a second opinion.

• Before proceeding with the actual test, ask your doctor about the details and understand what is Pap Smear test and how is it done.

Let’s Conclude

It’s okay to buy and use a Pap Smear test kit at home if you are feeling confident about it.

Since Pap Smear tests are exclusively done for women, there is a huge concern about HPV tests for men. Get over this worry by getting vaccinated at the right time.

If you get infected, the ideal choice is the administration of a herbal remedy called HPV-Basant. This Ayurvedic formulation with a mix of essential herbs is all you need to handle HPV infections easily.