Risk Factors Related to HPV – Myths Revealed!

For decades, whenever there are true facts available, falsified data also gets circulated like wildfire. This is especially so in the case of discussions on sexually transmitted infections which are often a taboo in society.  Here are some actual, hard facts about HPV for you to check out. Do you have these risk factors?  

Risk factors – An Introduction 

Factors that increase the possibility of getting an infection or a disease are termed risk factors. Take an example, if your parent has a family history of Asthma, it increases your potential risk of getting Asthma. You can reduce the risk if it is related to diet, lifestyle and factors like body weight. But, risk factors like age and family history cannot be changed. A risk factor also helps to analyze the possible prognosis of the disease, whether you will be able to recover from it soon or later. In short, if you are aware of the risk factors of a disease condition, you can plan your diet and lifestyle so as to reduce the risk of getting more infections and make your immunity stronger to fight them with ease. Know more about HPV risk factors here.   

HPV and Risk factors  

HPV – Human papilloma virus infection - comes under sexually transmitted infections causing warts known as papilloma. There are high and low risk HPV types. In short, high-risk types increase the incidence of getting cancers like cervical cancer.  

Myths about Risk Factors of HPV  

  • Prevalence – Some might tell you HPV is very rare. In fact, this is wrong. It’s a common condition now found in almost every continent. Take this fact as a matter of concern and become more aware. 
  • Age Group- HPV is not related to any age group; this statement is a myth. HPV commonly affects you just after starting sexual activity in life, probably in adolescence; yet the prevalence is high in the 20 to 29 age group.  
  • Gender – It is a myth that HPV affects only females. In reality, it affects both sexes, screening by Pap Smear Test is possible only in females. This is the only fact to be known. If you're a male, you can take precautionary measures before intercourse and also check for symptoms like genital warts 
  • Cancer Possibility – You might have heard of a relation between cervical cancer and HPV. Does this indicate that there can be only cervical cancer associated with this? Of course not. This is associated with cancer types like vulval cancer in females and penile cancer in males. Even anal, mouth and throat cancer can occur as a result of exposure to HPV virus.  
  • Habits – Smoking leads to cancer. You know, right? Smoking also doubles the risk factor of getting HPV infections. Unprotected intercourse, even anal and oral, can lead to HPV infection. That penetrative intercourse only can add to HPV is a deadly myth to be discarded ASAP.  
  • Less Immunity – If you are on the verge of an immunocompromised condition especially due to conditions like AIDS, never rely on anyone saying no to a periodic screening of HPV infection. As your body is already weak, care for and protect it in the best way and take preventive measures and available formulations.  

Risk factors specific to females  

If you are a female with a history of long-term oral contraceptive use or multiple pregnancies, you are likely to get HPV if adequate precaution is not taken.  In general, not resorting to regular screening tests and failure to check associated symptoms like genital warts can result in a delayed prognosis also. Self-awareness of the condition and about general hygienic practices can significantly reduce your risk of HPV infections.  

BASANT - A Multiherbal Hope  

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