Will HPV Infection Lead to Sexual Dysfunction? A Quick Analysis

Can HPV cause erectile dysfunction? Will having STD symptoms affect my sex life? You might have faced this question at some point if you ever were infected with an HPV symptom.

The interrelationship between HPV infection and your sex life is like no other. Due to the nature of the connection between these factors, tons of questions and doubts arise.

One of the prominent questions in this category is regarding the possible issues of sexual dysfunction. This post addresses just that.

HPV and Sexual Dysfunction: Few Points to Consider

The points that explain the relationship between HPV and sexual dysfunction in humans are given below.

  • As people from all age groups are prone to HPV infection, the same applies to sexual dysfunction. This could pose a huge problem for young adults and married couples below 40, as they will suffer huge risks in their sex lives.
  • Communication is a crucial aspect of dealing with sexual dysfunction. In most cases, people will hide information regarding these things causing unnecessary tension and problems in their sex lives.
  • Dysfunction diagnosis regarding sexual health is not an easy task. The factors that help determine these are anxiety, trauma, fear, abuse, substance abuse and relationship disorders. It will help the affected in receiving the appropriate sexual dysfunction treatment.
  • Remember not to go after any unnecessary medications or quick fixes to treat your HPV symptoms. It could pose problems to sexual health as part of the medication's side effects. Approved HPV vaccines are safe as a preventive measure. In case of infection, go for a proven herbal remedy like HPV-Basant. This would mean that there are no chances of side effects.

    Types of Sexual Dysfunctions due to HPV Infections


Listed below are the potential types of sexual dysfunctions that you might face arising from any HPV infection:

Erectile dysfunction in men 

The biggest sexual dysfunction in men could occur in the form of erectile dysfunction. More than 30% of HPV-infected men may suffer from this condition as it is the most commonly occurring sexual dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction will cause direct harm to your sexual health and the functioning of genital organs.

Sexual dysfunction in women 

Women face sexual dysfunction in all domains as a result of an HPV infection. This could arise in categories related to sex, like desire (avoiding sex), arousal (lack of sexual excitement), orgasm (delay or absence) and pain (during or after intercourse).

Ejaculation disorders

This could happen in both men and women. Problems could include an absence of ejaculation or a delay in releasing your body fluids. There is also the issue of the inability to time or control your ejaculation while maintaining sexual health and hygiene. Orgasm achievement will become a huge challenge for women.

Other sexual dysfunction types are also possible, but they might vary according to personal cases. A healthcare expert is always needed to understand in depth the HPV infection symptom and the corresponding sexual dysfunction issue. 

Parting Thought

HPV infection is an STD which means that there will be issues impairing your sexual health and functions. But it is not a red flag to stay away from sex life. In any case, you must consider maintaining a quality sex life.

Practice safety in sex and exercise sound principles to tackle sexual dysfunction psychology. If you get infected with the HPV virus, be in touch with your doctor to stay on top of its effect on your sexual health and life.