Different Types of Cancers Caused by HPV Infection

Of all the risk scenarios that HPV infection causes among humans, none is as critical or dangerous as the different cancers. The main type of HPV-related cancer is cervical cancer, followed by the likes of vaginal cancer, vulvar cancer, penile cancer, anal cancer, oropharyngeal cancer and throat cancer.

Relation between HPV and Cancer

The linkage between HPV and cancer risk is a well-documented one over the years. HPV infections usually stay unnoticed in the genital areas for years. If you are not doing HPV tests at frequent intervals, you might never understand the presence of infection without the symptoms.

The worst-case scenario of an HPV infection is cancer. And among the different cancer types, more than 90% are reported in cervical and anal cases. A total of 70% of cancerous growth occurs in the vulva and vagina. As for penile cancer, the rate is 60%.

Types of HPV-related Cancers

The major types of HPV-related cancers reported over the years are as follows:

·        Cervical cancer

The most critical and common type of HPV-infection-induced cancer, cervical cancer is the one you should monitor constantly. It affects millions of women across the globe. Almost all cervical cancer cases result from an HPV infection.

·        Vaginal cancer

Among the various cancer types, vaginal cancer is a rare health condition. However, for HPV-related infections, this one tops 75% of cancer scares. The ideal age for getting infected with vaginal cancer is above 60.

·        Vulvar cancer

The change of an HPV infection to a condition like vulvar cancer might take up to 10 years or even more. It is also a rare type of cancer, like vaginal cancer. At least 5,000 people are infected with cervical cancer annually in the USA.

·        Penile cancer

Out of the total cases of penile cancer, at least 60% are caused by HPV infection. Along with anal cancer, it occupies the top spot for HPV-induced cancer affecting men. HPV and cancer in males is a relatively new, emerging topic. Genital warts are the initial symptom of penile cancer in many cases.

·        Anal cancer

90% of anal cancers are caused by HPV infection. This HPV-related cancer is mostly found in men who engage in sex with other men. Like all other cancer types, this is also caused by high-risk strains.

·        Oral cancer

Oral cancers are another less talked about HPV-related cancer. These include throat cancer, pharyngeal cancer and oropharyngeal cancer. In the USA, HPV infection accounts for more than 70% of oropharyngeal cancer cases.

Remedies for HPV-related Cancers

The optimum protective measure to tackle HPV-related cancer is taking all doses of HPV vaccines at the right time. You can also use natural remedies for HPV and cancer. If you are infected with the HPV virus and are showing general symptoms like warts, use a herbal formulation like HPV-Basant. It can help you prevent cancer symptoms and protect from cancerous growth affecting your body.

Wrapping Up

The protection measures against HPV infections and related cancers include vaccines, herbal remedies and recurring tests like the Pap Smear test. There is also the promise of new studies and research reports promoting steps to boost your immunity to fight the HPV and cancer percentage with its related symptoms.