What infections could be caused by HPV?
HPV infection is a viral infection that is frequently responsible for growth of the skin or mucous membrane (warts). Human papillomavirus (HPV) has more than 100 varieties. Some kinds of HPV infection cause warts, while others can cause various kinds of cancer. Most infections with HPV do not lead to cancer.

Is Basant Tablet preventive or curative?
Basant is Preventive as well as curative medicine for HPV. Basant has the ability to prevent the entry of HPV in Hela cells but also eliminates HPV-16 from already infected cells .

Is Basant a herbal formula?
Basant is a novel Broad spectrum, Clinically Proven Antimicrobial Herbal Formulation for HPV.

In which stage of low squamous intraepithelial lesion (LSIL) Basant effective?
Basant has the capability to eliminate HPV-16 from cervical cells at early stages of low squamous intraepithelial lesion (LSIL).

How common are HPV infections?
HPV infections are so prevalent that at some stage in their life nearly all males and females will receive at least one sort of HPV. Most individuals never realize they have been infected and can offer HPV to a sex partner without understanding it.

Is BASANT TABLET recommended for pregnant women?
No . It is advisable to avoid Basant during pregnancy..

Is Basant Tablet recommended for Men?
No. As it is a intravaginal insert designed for women only.

In Which stage Basant is effective in HPV-16 infection?
BASANT inhibits HPV-16, and has the remarkable property of eliminating HPV-16 from infected cervical cells onto the path to choriocarcinoma, so long as the viral genome is not integrated in host genome.

Is Basant safe for use ?
Basant is a clinically proven polyherbal formulation.