How HPV Infection will Lead to Other Health Disorders

Can HPV cause other health problems? The answer is yes. Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection is one of those illnesses where the symptoms could lead to other health and wellness disorders. It will put the complete health of a person in turmoil. This post explores the consequences of HPV infection and how it leads to other diseases.

HPV Infection, Your Immunity, Health Disorders: The Relationship in Detail

The HPV infection in people will lead them to a scenario where their overall immunity is lost. This lack of immune response within one’s system will open up the possibility for foreign disease-carrying organisms entering their bodies. It will lead to many other illnesses and agents causing physical harm, the most documented ones being HPV and skin disorders.

The relationship between HPV infection, immunity levels and health issues follow a direct and parallel path. The foreign invading organisms could be of any type - virus, bacteria, or fungus. When these organisms cause significant harm, it can be external conditions like skin infections or internal problems that can even trouble your vital organs.

Health Issues Caused due to HPV Infection

Numerous health issues occur as a result of HPV infection that could cause problems to your nervous system, skin, and other parts. The most talked about health conditions in this segment are cancerous growth, warts, and skin diseases.

But it’s the lack of immunity that should worry you, as the type of illnesses that can result from the same are numerous. HPV and neurological disorders are areas of study that should undergo further research. Difficulties like general fatigue, weakness, body aches (headache, limb pain), coldness and stiffness could pose severe problems to your overall wellness.

Lesions and abrasions could occur on your skin due to HPV symptoms. Itchy skin conditions or scratches might also occur in this situation. The cancer symptoms of HPV occur in the cervix, vagina, vulva, penis, anus, and oropharynx

An even bigger issue is that any of the above cancer conditions will affect your health in many ways. HPV and other cancers are a topic of extensive research as new disorders are happening due to the presence of more than a hundred HPV types.

Cervical cancer can cause problems in your menstruation cycle, sexual functioning and internal blood flow. Vaginal cancer may lead to urinary system disorders, digestive troubles, and swelling or inflammation. Apart from the pain and itchiness, vulvar cancer could be the forerunner for lumps or ulcers.

Skin colour could change, and bumps and rashes might occur in the case of penile cancers. Anal cancer can be a carrier of bowel control loss and rectal bleeding. Many irregularities can result from oropharyngeal cancer in the form of food swallowing and tongue movement issues, sudden weight loss, earache, lumps in the throat or neck, recurring sore throat, etc.

The above is not an exhaustive list of health disorders stemming from HPV infections. It could even rely on personalized scenarios as the immune responses and immune system health are different for different people.

Wrapping Up

HPV infection symptoms may leave your body after some time. But if it had already led to health disorders before exiting your system, those illnesses might become a problem with adverse effects. The optimum way to deal with HPV types and associated diseases is to seek treatment after experiencing visible first symptoms.