Understanding The Efficacy of Single Dose Vaccine in Fighting HPV Infections

For years, HPV vaccines are employed as part of preventive measures for fighting Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infections and related symptoms, including cancerous growth. One of the barriers that affected the administration of regular vaccinations of two-dose and three-dose vaccines is the issues with follow-up to the original HPV vaccine dose schedule.

This is where the significance of the single-dose vaccine is highlighted. We will see about this scenario in this article.

Studying The Possibility of Single-Dose Vaccines

When the first research started for single-dose vaccines, the immense potential was greatly recognised and discussed among the scientific communities, especially the ones trying to bring down the HPV infection rates. Long-term studies were conducted regarding the same to understand the features and benefits of single-dose vaccines.

Since HPV vaccine dose calculation is supposed to start from the pre-teen or at least teenage years, a significant percentage of the population should be fully vaccinated by the time they are sexually active. But the stats say otherwise. As per the recorded numbers, people will find it harder to follow up on the first dose rather than administering the first one itself.

The feasibility of administration for a single dose is high and offers better quality. It is cost-effective and will consume fewer resources only. The premise of a single vaccine dose will attract more people to undergo the dosage.

All the above factors are sufficient to hop on the bandwagon that is the single-dose vaccine for HPV infections.

What About A Single Dose of Two-Dose or Three-Dose Vaccines?

You might have a question about the efficacy of taking a single dose of the vaccine among the present best-selling HPV vaccines like Gardasil, Gardasil - 9 and Cervarix. Not to underplay the crucial role of a vaccine dose schedule in question, it won’t give the required preventive support that is synonymous with the battle against HPV symptoms.

If you are opting for two-dose or three-dose vaccines, ensure that you see their complete dose administration for getting the best support needed to fight HPV infections.

Future Potential and Possibilities

Chances are the established vaccine providers will shift to a 100% efficient single-dose vaccine in the future. The potential and possible scope of this vaccine is already being discussed by those entities. It will help the single-dose vaccine outreach to the market become more feasible as they are the existing players.

The optimum feature of single-dose vaccines are teenagers can get protected with the HPV vaccine and avoid potential infections for at least the next 20 years. Quadrivalent vaccines are the most preferred in this category as tests give more efficacy to them.

More stakeholders and healthcare organizations are coming to protect the concept of single-dose vaccines, opening up significant upgrades to the existing system. The one dose that you get will be vital in tackling numerous cancer-causing infections as well.

Wrapping Up

There is still a long way to go regarding the implementation of single-dose vaccines for HPV infections. Ongoing research is done to analyze the prospects of the HPV vaccine doses for adults too. It has its strengths and limitations, but at this growth rate, single-dose vaccines will thrive and will occupy better roles in creating value for the eradication goal of HPV infections.