Exploring The Case of Genital Warts

Genital warts are one of the most common symptoms occurring as part of sexually transmitted diseases. In many studies, genital warts are represented as a sexually transmitted disease itself.

This article explores the relationship between genital warts and HPV infection in humans with an onus on causes and remedies.

HPV and Genital Warts - A Scientific Overview

Five types of warts are present in the medical field, the main ones being genital warts, common warts and flat warts. We will scientifically analyze genital warts, which are the first symptom of most HPV infections.

Genital warts occur as pink or red-coloured growths around sexual organs and are usually small in size. Mild pain, bleeding or itching might occur depending on individual cases.

Low-risk HPV strains like HPV 6 and HPV 11 contribute to genital warts causes and are spread between people through genital skin contact.

Symptoms of Genital Warts

The primary symptoms and risk factors in genital warts are as follows:

  • The visible growth on the inside and outside of the vagina
  • Growth in the cervix area
  • Growth in the anus region
  • Growth on the tip of the penis or scrotum (for genital warts men)
  • Growth in a person’s mouth or throat
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Itching
  • Burning sensation
  • Bleeding

Other symptoms may also occur that strictly depends on the affected individual’s health condition and any possible body specialities.

Remedies and Treatment for Warts

In most cases, genital warts in an affected person will cure on their own. But you cannot leave the issue unchecked if you ever discover it on your genital region. The top remedies and genital warts treatment procedures are as follows:

Herbal solutions

The most popular herbal remedy to deal with HPV infections is HPV-Basant. This is not a direct cure for HPV infections. But if you are facing genital warts due to an HPV infection, then HPV-Basant can make an impact. As part of its assistance in relieving your HPV symptoms, Basant may help you heal genital warts too.

Homemade remedies

Some of the home remedies that help with overcoming genital warts are the use of essential oils like tea tree oil, the consumption of green tea, regular use of vegetables, garlic and apple cider vinegar and intake of supplements including folate and B12.

Medications or surgery

Though not fully proven, you may consume medications with the help of a certified healthcare professional. If warts are found on testing, the doctor may use laser therapy or chemical application, but the final effect will depend on customized scenarios. Minor surgeries are also suggested for warts that are difficult to heal. The fact remains that medications and surgery are not fully reliable, and there is no scientific backup to support these techniques.

Preventive techniques

Considering the lack of treatment options, preventive techniques play an effective role in removing the symptoms of genital warts. Actions include getting vaccination doses at the right time, practicing safe sex and undergoing HPV tests in regular gaps.


The priority thing regarding a genital wart is the diagnosis and subsequent communication about it with your partner. Staying transparent and safe in your sex life can help you deal with genital warts symptoms much more feasibly.