Guidelines for Practicing Safe Sex

Safe sex education and practices are about the guidelines for practicing safe sex and its significance in your life. It might seem like a questionable topic to discuss, but the huge number of STD infections calls for the necessity of discussing it.

The Need for Safe Sex Practices

As we mentioned, the steadily increasing number of sexually transmitted diseases and infections is the primary reason for you to adopt safe sex practices.

There might be other factors related to moral issues and social stigma, but we are not ones to judge. Those factors are solely based on perspective and vary from individual to individual.

Everyone should keep it their priority to practice safety measures during sex. The next segment covers the top tips and guidelines to follow regarding the same.

Guidelines to Observe Safe Sex

Listed below are the most crucial tips you should consider.

  • Limit exposure to genital skin and bodily fluids. Minimal sexual exposure is necessary to achieve safety in sex. 
  • Try using preventive measures like a condom without fail. Avoid condoms in a sexual relationship only when you are trying to reproduce and have babies. Use protective barriers for oral sex too. 
  • Opt for sexual activities without any contact whenever possible. Safe sex without protection includes mutual masturbation, virtual sex and the like. 
  • Limit the number of penetrations while observing sex. You may either go for techniques like fingering, handjobs or sensual touching. Making out is the best substitute where both you and your partner can feel the lust and love in equal measures. 
  • Never forget to maintain your general health situation in a positive condition. This is relevant to ensure the safety of your overall body and mind and is proportional to leading a healthy sexual life. 
  • The thoughts, words and actions matter. You must make it your habit to engage in healthy sexual thoughts that eventually get converted to words and actions. 
  • It goes without saying that limiting the number of sexual partners is essential in practising safe sex. If possible, fix this number as one to attain maximum protection in sex. 
  • Avoid one-time relationships and casual hookups. You can desire and demand physical intimacy, but don’t crave it following unhealthy sexual practices. 
  • Solo activities like masturbation are good for helping you relieve your bodily fluids and sexual stress without any unnecessary risk. 
  • Refraining from sex for a long time can also work wonders for your sexual health. This practice is called abstinence. But remember to respect your partner’s desires and wishes while following this tip. 
  • Don’t share your sex toys with others. This is a big no-no in the world of sex. Don’t engage in sex while under the influence. Alcohol and substances can cause harm to your body in many ways, and putting you in wrongful sexual scenarios definitely counts. 
  • Always stay updated on information related to sexual practices, healthy habits and general tips. Follow expert columns and have open discussions with your doctors. 
  • Get treatment if you experience any sexual infection or its symptoms on your body. Find the appropriate treatment at the right time. For example, if you have HPV infections, the best solution is the natural and scientific formulation called HPV-Basant. 
  • Be aware of sexual infections. Observe your partner’s body and maintain a healthy level of communication about sex at all times. Check your own body frequently for finding out any rashes, blisters or unnatural discharges.

The above safe sexual practices are not an exhaustive list, but if one follows all these tips carefully, the chances of avoiding infections and diseases are very high.

Wrapping Up

Safe sex methods stem more from the respect and care you have for your body and your partner. It is, without doubt, the result of consistent following and a disciplined heart, body, mind and soul. Controlling your desires and keeping emotions in check are widely recommended to ensure safety in sex.