Most Common STDs in The USA

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are infections that spread between people due to sexual contact. It’s very common across the globe and mostly occurs without any showing symptoms. STDs may occur from sexual contact in vaginal, anal or oral positions.

This post briefly covers the most unpopular STDs in the world with a focus on nightmarish numbers from the USA.

Shocking STD Numbers from the USA

If you are someone who gives crucial value to health and wellness, then you cannot ignore the threat of STDs. Listed below are the STDs that affect people the most in the United States of America.


Human Papillomavirus (HPV) occupies the top spot, with more than fifteen million new cases occurring every year. More than 40 different types of the virus are present, with the high-risk ones being HPV-16 and HPV-18.

The numbers are increasing on an annual basis and are a cause of worry, especially among women. Though it is not harmful in all cases, leaving it untreated is a bad omen for your overall health. Critical health conditions arising from HPV infection include cervical cancer and genital warts.

Different types of prevention and cure are available for HPV infection, the primary treatment being HPV-Basant, a herbal formulation based on exclusive scientific research and Ayurveda principles.


The reported number of new Chlamydia cases annually goes above three million. The primary causes of infection include all types of sexual contact, and it is of recurring type.

The aftereffects will depend on the individual scenario. For some, there will be no symptoms, and for others, it can get serious. Recurrent screening is the best way to lead the fight against chlamydia.


The number of Trichomoniasis cases occurring on a yearly note extends above the number of one million. The symptom and infection types are similar to all other STDs.

Most symptoms of this disease occur in the genital regions of the infected. Leaving it untreated is the only problem you may cause with a condition like Trichomoniasis.


With a reported number of more than new 8,00,000 cases every year, gonorrhea is a threat waiting to punish your unsafe sexual practices. It is a sexually transmitted disease, reportedly causing harm to people since ancient times.

Painful sensations during genital discharges are the easiest way to identify the disease. Both men and women are equally susceptible to Gonorrhea, and ignorance of the condition can lead to critical health conditions.


Herpes cases in the USA are similar to that of Gonorrhea, with the biggest difference being the absence of an existing cure. The non-existence of a cure seems like a helpless scenario, but consulting a professional practitioner can help you go a long way in lessening the effects of the disease.

You must be very careful about your sexual practices and safety to guarantee the best fight against this highly contagious disease.

Syphilis and HIV

Both Syphilis and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) occupy the final spot in the list of the most common STDs in the USA. With 50k plus new cases reported every year, both these STDs have reduced in number compared to the previous years (attributed to a lack of proper awareness).

Most of the above STDs are best treated using antibiotics. Question marks exist over the cure for HIV and Herpes. As for HPV infections, the one with the highest number of infected people, the best existing solution is Ayurveda, using natural ingredients and herbs.

Parting Thought

The hardest part about STDs is when the disease gets transferred to babies from their infected mothers. Frequent testing and regular doctor consultations, along with safe sexual practices, are the optimum solutions to tackle STDs.