How to Spread HPV Awareness: 7 Tips

It will be surprising to learn that there are corners of the world where common health disorders like HPV infections are unnoticed. Considering the causes and effects of HPV and the related symptoms, it is a shame to stay unaware of the topic.

This post sheds light on how to improve HPV awareness for the benefit of society.

Facts & Stats About HPV Awareness

Awareness begins with facts and existing data. The most important facts and stats concerning Human Papillomavirus (HPV) are as follows:

  • HPV infection can lead to lesser symptoms like genital warts and critical issues like cancer. The most known cancer types caused by HPV are cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, vulvar cancer, anal cancer, throat cancer and penile cancer.
  • HPV numbers across the world are in the millions and are rapidly rising.
  • More than 100 different HPV strains are present and are generally categorized as high-risk types (HPV16, HPV18, HPV45, etc.) and low-risk types (HPV11, HPV22, etc.).
  • The recommended gap between HPV testing is at least 3 years.
  • There is no risk to sex life and pregnancy for the HPV infected.

7 Simple Tips to Raise HPV Awareness

Seven of the most feasible tips to raise HPV awareness in humans are as follows:

  1. The fight against HPV should begin with an awareness of HPV vaccines. Multiple vaccines are available, like Gardasil, Gardasil 9 and Cervarix. Health authorities should promote campaigns and do volunteer work to ensure all doses of vaccine to their communities.
  1. Awareness campaigns on HPV should begin at school. This will help the knowledge spread among teenagers as part of general sex education. It includes promoting factors like HPV awareness month (January).
  1. Parallel campaigns should work in sync with HPV awareness. This can be brought about by awareness campaigns on the Pap Smear test, cervical cancer and so on. Campaigns and slogans can also be raised for promotional activities like an HPV awareness ribbon and HPV awareness colors.
  1. Safe sex practices should be actively preached among the masses. This will help reduce the risk factors of HPV and its associated symptoms.
  1. Hospitals should promote free and safe screening for cervical cancer and HPV infection in general. It will help the general audience understand more about the condition. Hospitals and clinics can also provide sufficient learning about the reality of HPV.
  1. Local health departments and authorities can play an effective role in boosting HPV awareness in society with the help of an HPV awareness campaign. The general public can be participants in an active forum hosted by such healthcare entities.
  2. Apart from vaccines, people should know about their best-case scenario if they get infected with HPV. The optimum solution is a herbal remedy called HPV-Basant, created from Ayurveda herbs with no side effects. The natural formulation is clinically tested and proven to deal with an HPV infection (even the high-risk strains).

Significance of HPV Awareness

Numbers don’t lie. The crucial significance of HPV awareness lies in the rising numbers globally, especially in the African continent. It is mandatory to spread awareness using both online and offline methods.

Another crucial factor is the potential treatment process that the infected should undergo after recognizing the symptoms.


You don’t need to fear the HPV infection as such. But if you are not aware of this condition or its symptoms, it will hurt your health and wellness goals.

The best option is to consult a gynaecologist or a certified healthcare professional in regular gaps to get actionable tips on HPV awareness