Oral Sex and HPV Infection: Things to Know

Unsafe and unprotected oral sex can cause harm to your health and wellness goals in numerous ways. One of the most common health conditions in this category is oral HPV, an illness that may lead to oropharyngeal cancer.

This post explores the relationship between oral sex and HPV infection.

The Role of Oral Sex in Spreading HPV Infection

Oral sex is usually practised as a substitute for regular sexual activity or as part of foreplay. It is a favourite among couples in every part of the world. In oral sex, the spread of infection is a big possibility.

The mode of transfer of infection is through the throat or mouth. The critical HPV infection type resulting from oral sex can lead to Oropharyngeal cancer. Oral sex cancer is a serious and popular disease among the general population.

Only unsafe oral sex activities will lead to HPV infection or oropharyngeal cancer. The optimum solution to tackle these conditions is to practice safe, protective measures while engaging in oral sex.

Facts to Know Regarding Oral HPV & Oropharyngeal Cancer

Some of the major points of note to help you understand the existing facts regarding oral HPV are as follows:

  • Between the onset of HPV infection and its change to cancerous growth, there might be a gap of a few years. Considering how you might not notice any symptoms, try to engage in safe sex (oral or physical) every single time.
  • There is no proven test to determine oral HPV. All you can do is consult your doctor in case of discovery of lesions to perform a biopsy for cancer screening.
  • The positive effects of HPV vaccines work for oral HPV prevention too. There is no 100% guarantee on this but do not avoid receiving all doses of the HPV vaccine at an appropriate time.
  • The top documented symptoms of oral HPV are difficulty in swallowing, swelling of the lymph nodes, forming of a lump on the neck or cheek, sudden loss in weight, coughing up of blood and sore throat. Oral sex infections’ sore throat is more severe than the regular type.
  • Oral sex is not the only risk factor for oral HPV. Other issues include sharing utensils, smoking, disorders in alcohol consumption and other related symptoms.
  • Oral HPV symptoms are visible in millions of people, and the numbers are rising rapidly every year.
  • Both men and women are susceptible to oral HPV, with more cases being reported in men.

Parting Thought

The takeaway from this article is not to avoid oral activities from your sex life. It is to stay aware of the safe sexual practices you can follow and be sensible about them, as oral sex causes cancer too. Practice safe sex and fight infections like Human Papillomavirus and related symptoms naturally.