HPV Preventive Measure: Start Getting Vaccinated at An Early Age

The saying ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ has never been more apt than in the case of STD infections. When dealing with an issue like the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), the optimum route to battling problems is prevention.

HPV prevention and treatment begins with a working vaccination program. This article is a take on one of the proven and prominent HPV infection preventive measures called early vaccination.

Understanding The Significance of HPV Vaccination

For a common health scare like the HPV infection, vaccination is a crucial tackling measure. Considering how sexual activity leads to an HPV problem, it is better to get an HPV prevention shot before starting your sex life.

For a long time, it was believed that starting your HPV vaccination at 12 or 13 years is the right way to go. But recent studies have proved that preteen is the best time to get your HPV vaccination done as there are no adverse or ill effects.

Get your first dose of the HPV vaccine when you are nine years old. The total recommended doses are 2 or 3, and you can get the subsequent doses accordingly. Follow up your HPV vaccination with healthy lifestyle habits and hygienic sexual practices.

Awareness practices like HPV prevention week are present to help you gain an understanding of the significance of early HPV vaccinations.

Why Your Preteen Should Get HPV Vaccination?

Listed below are the top reasons that should ensure your mental reasoning to drive your preteen to be aware of HPV prevention methods like vaccinations and receive them in timely intervals.

  • Health authorities like HPV prevention and control board and disease control bodies recommend and suggest HPV vaccination series in the preteen stage itself. This will guide the administration of a safe and effective vaccine policy from at least nine years of age.
  • HPV infections and related symptoms majorly occur due to problems in sexual activities. Vaccine administration in preteen years means that there won’t be any need for worries about the lack of HPV vaccination when you enter your sex life. 
  • Popular HPV vaccines like Gardasil and Cervarix are safe to be administered even for preteens. There is no need to wait until teenage or prime youth to undergo HPV prevention programs like vaccination.
  • The recommended doses for HPV vaccines have increased to three from two doses from early conventions. Getting your first dose at 9 - 12 years helps you create enough time to receive all the vaccine doses before turning a teenager.
  • Since the time required for HPV infection symptoms to show takes years, you cannot wait until starting your sex life to receive vaccination doses. It is not clinically advised as your chances of getting exposed to the infection are huge. 

Parting Thought

An HPV vaccination is not a 100% guarantee that you won’t get an infection. But you can reduce and lower your symptoms with the help of an HPV prevention vaccine. Chances are it won’t lead to severe health issues and might make it possible for you to overcome different symptoms with ease.

In case of an infection, the best solution is to seek a natural cure to help relieve various symptoms of HPV-related problems. An example is HPV-Basant, a herbal formulation including the quality and goodness of Ayurvedic ingredients to support your fight against HPV.