January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month: Essential Points to Remember

Considering the popularity and impact of cervical cancer among the global population, it is no surprise that a cervical cancer awareness month is in place. January is the month of cervical cancer awareness.

Explore the significance and impact of cervical cancer awareness month 2023 in this post.

The Significance of Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Cervical cancer, though prevalent among the world population, is still not well-known in some parts of the world (especially Africa). This is unacceptable as it is the fourth most common disease among cancers. A lack of knowledge about the illness may lead to unsafe practices or conditions that bring about the issue.

Cervical cancer awareness indirectly opens the doors to sufficient learning on safe sex activities and hygienic human contact. It will let you learn about the various symptoms associated with HPV infections and different methods to battle the same.

Different HPV strains will come to light. This will primarily focus on HPV types like HPV-16, HPV-18 and HPV-45 that contribute highly to cervical cancer. Campaign activities will help more opportunities develop in terms of screening tests.

Thoughts and General Tips to Follow This January

Whether you are infected with cervical cancer or not, follow the tips below to play your part in cervical cancer awareness month.

  • If you are in your early teenage years and is not HPV vaccinated yet, then the right time to proceed is now.
  • This January, make a resolution to undergo regular tests and screening programs at frequent intervals. This helps you stay on top of the disease.
  • Cervix health will lead you to test the health and wellness of other genital areas too. It will serve your sexual health also in the long term.
  • Active participation and responsibility should happen from the end of the general public to reduce and control the HPV infection level leading to cervical cancer. Awareness builds the route for this activity.
  • Preventive measures and techniques will play an even bigger role in creating an impact on cervical cancer awareness programs.

Motivation Points for Cervical Cancer-Infected People

The various motivation points for cervical cancer-infected people include steps to stay strong without losing moral fibre. The use of a cervical cancer awareness ribbon is a conscious first step to joining the fight against the infection and its related symptoms.

Three core tips to remember while keeping cervical cancer awareness in mind are:

  • Get Informed
  • Get Screened
  • Get Vaccinated

In A Nutshell

The idea behind cervical cancer awareness programs and campaigns is to reduce the numbers. In the future, we should cherish the memories of the concluded campaigns rather than organizing more. In battling a condition like cervical cancer, that is victory.