Introducing HPV-Basant Ingredient 1: Curcumin

HPV-Basant is a clinically proven Ayurvedic formulation composed of great herbal ingredients like Curcumin, Amla, Aloe vera and Neem. Here, we start with a series of articles focusing on each ingredient in one post. First up is turmeric curcumin.

The Role of Curcumin in Fighting HPV Infections

Before learning about the beneficial role of curcumin in HPV-Basant, you should know about its general functions in fighting HPV infections.

Curcumin, the most crucial part of turmeric, gives it a bright yellow colour. The carotenoid compound occurs naturally within the roots of the turmeric and is useful for a whole host of essential functions.

The role of turmeric curcumin in fighting HPV infections is detailed below:

  • The curcuminoids in curcumin exhibit antiviral and anticancer properties.
  • It is a pharmacological compound with no toxicity making it safe for oral administration.
  • In vitro studies have succeeded in creating an anti–HPV effect for curcumin in cervical cancer and oral cancer cells.
  • The antioxidant property of curcumin can suppress HPV oncoproteins.
  • Curcumin possesses the property of exposing cancer stem cells to chemoradiotherapy.
  • It serves as a strong anti-HPV agent facilitating efficient treatment for cervical and oral cancer. Curcumin side effects are nil in such procedures.
  • Studies have shown that curcumin exhibits chemopreventive and chemosensitizing properties.
  • Research reports have shown the effective clearance of the HPV virus with the help of curcumin under Pap Smear tests.

Benefits of Curcumin for HPV-Infected People

The primary curcumin benefits for HPV-infected people are as follows:

  • Curcumin has proven clinical backing in offering support for healing HPV-related issues.
  • The anti-infection property of the ingredient helps fight HPV-infected or cancer cells.
  • Curcumin supplement is safe for vaginal insertion and thus is easily available in capsule form.
  • The carcinogenic property of curcumin aids in innate remedial mechanisms to help suppress tumour infections.
  • The future seems bright with the scope and strength of the ongoing research activities in the field of curcumin for HPV treatment.


HPV-Basant from Bipha is an effective, working solution with genuine testimonials from users. The best curcumin supplement helps remove various symptoms related to HPV infection and consequent health conditions. The promise of no side effects makes this Ayurvedic remedy a guaranteed support for healing HPV troubles.

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