Mental Disorders and Cervical Cancer: Is There A Connection?

Considering the frequency of occurrence of HPV infections in people, it is completely natural for all segments of society to get affected by the problem and its related symptoms. And this applies to people with mental disorders too.

Cervical cancer is the most reported violent effect of an HPV infection, and it is an area of concern for women around the world. This article covers the risk factors and connection between cervical cancer and mental disorders.

Are Mental Disorders & Cervical Cancer Symptoms Connected?

Studies and expert reviews have shown that there is a significant connection between mental disorder symptoms and the possibility of cervical cancer infections. This relationship can be portrayed as one affecting early-stage infections and advanced-stage signs of cervical cancer.

One connecting factor could be the vulnerability of the masses with mental disorders to engage in unsafe sexual practices and lack of sexual awareness. Another possibility is the issue with avoidance of regular cervical cancer tests arising from many critical mental health concerns.

Wider data pools and corresponding analysis have shown that women with serious mental illnesses could develop invasive cervical cancer symptoms called cervical neoplasia. If the disorder is due to problems like substance abuse, then the chances of CIN2 infection during screening are more.

Diagnosis & Treatment of Cervical Cancer Infected People with Mental Illness

The screening, diagnosis and probable treatment steps for cervical cancer infections follow a different route in the case of mental illness diagnosis. First of all, sufficient external support is needed to overcome cervical cancer screening problems and to aid the infected personnel.

Authorities and Government bodies should take more detailed care in coming up with activities related to the same. Methods should be taken to improve the screening tests in people. A collaboration between psychology and gynaecology will open up new leeways to boost the healthcare domain.

Wrapping Up

The common factor that we all should keep in mind regarding cervical cancer problems and mental disorders list is the elimination of the taboo associated with them. Everyone needs to understand the gravity of these problems and act with mindfulness and care. Rather than placing blame, the infected person should be treated with compassion, love and respect.