Will Circumcision in Men Reduce the Chances of HPV Infection?

The probable impact of circumcision in men on HPV infections and related symptoms has been a topic of study for a long time. Different studies have proved that undergoing circumcision surgery in men may help reduce HPV symptoms in the infected.

This post is about what we know so far regarding circumcision and its relation to HPV infection removal.

A Brief Intro on Circumcision in Men

The difference between an uncircumcised penis and a circumcised one is crystal clear. It lies with the foreskin part - the small sleeve of skin that is above the penis head. In a circumcised man, the foreskin is absent (removed surgically), and it will be present in its natural form for an uncircumcised man.

There are various factors governing the circumcision factor in men. Your circumcision decision should strictly come from the healthcare options and knowledge available to you. It has been arguably suggested that there is a proven impact on HPV infection and cervical cancer by circumcision in men. The benefits of male circumcision are many, and the fight against HPV problems is one of them.

HPV Infection and Circumcision - The Relation

The fact is that circumcised men will possess fewer cancer-causing HPV genotypes. It can protect against specific conditions like penile cancer. The benefits of male circumcision to a woman are also a vital subject to consider.

In monogamous relationships with circumcised men, the percentage of women partners who can be protected is high. It owes to the lessening of the severity of symptoms of cervical cancer in women.

Issues related to oropharyngeal cancer can also be cleared with the help of circumcision techniques. The testing process and detection of HPV infection or cancer screening are more feasible in the case of circumcised adults. 

Are HPV Symptoms Affected by Circumcision?

The impact of circumcision on every HPV symptom is not fully distinct. But the provision of safe, voluntary and affordable circumcision is bound to create a positive effect on reducing HPV infections in men. Their partners will also be saved from HPV-associated diseases.

The clear effects of circumcision meaning on HPV infection are shown significantly in segments of prevalence, incidence and clearance at the glans penis. This is done once the circumcision creates a local immune environment around the penis. Another aspect is changing the keratinization (cornification) of the skin.

The Future Scope

As is the case with many scientific studies, you cannot fully rely on reports and proceed with steps like mass circumcision. The ideal thing here is for people to take independent decisions regarding the pros and cons of circumcision. It should be done freely and doesn’t have to be a measure of HPV preventive technique alone.