Most Popular HPV Tests in 2022

The number of HPV infections is rising at an unprecedented level and is a cause of worry among the infected. There is only one way to understand and analyze your HPV infection status.

Recurring tests at consistent intervals are the best way to deal with this scenario. This post lists the top popular and effective types of HPV tests for 2022 and beyond.

A Brief Intro to HPV Tests

Since sexual activity is the main cause of HPV infection, it is natural for more than 80% of the population to be affected by this condition. HPV tests are the only way to thoroughly determine if you have an infection.

HPV tests are crucial for people who also have been vaccinated over the years. All you need is a gynaecologist or your consultant to carry out tests at frequent intervals.

The average HPV test cost is in a wide range and usually is from $30 - $200. This attributes to factors like at-home tests, insurance coverage and screening conditions.

Top HPV Tests in 2022

Tests usually belong to two categories - ones demanding the presence of a specialist and the ones where you can do self-testing. The main tests to determine HPV infection are as follows:

  • At-home Tests - Numerous tests are available on the market that you can use for testing HPV infection in the comfort of your home. An HPV test kit is affordable to a user and helps you know the result in a short span.

Tests usually include sample collection in the form of a swab and testing for HPV infection. The samples could be cells from the cervix, urine, vaginal cells, etc.

  • Tests with Professional Assistance - For carrying out some HPV tests, you need the help of a professional healthcare consultant. The Pap Smear test is an example in this category and is the most known test to determine cervical cancer among women. Pap Smear involves cell collection from your cervix and conducting a scientific test.

HPV tests also include the same medium, testing method and analysis of output as the Pap test. Though the sample collection is from the cervical canal, an HPV test is not just for determining cervical cancer but all types of HPV infection.

  • HPV Tests for Men - The above test types all apply to women. But what about men? The number of HPV-infected men is also on the rise. The sad reality exists that there are no active tests to determine HPV infection in men at present.

It will take groundbreaking research to arrive at an HPV test for men in light of rising HPV numbers (especially oral infections).

HPV Screening Tips

The top HPV screening tips for you to consider are as follows:

  • The ideal age for testing is from 21 - 65 years. Even if you got all HPV vaccine doses by age 20, do not avoid HPV tests minding an adequate gap.
  • No test is guaranteed a 100% success rate. Be careful about false-positive results or false-negative results when it comes to dealing with HPV tests. A second sample selection and testing at another clinic is the best way to go about it.
  • Do not wait for any symptoms to occur to test for an HPV infection. Visit a professional at regular intervals to carry out the HPV test, and know about the infection scenario as in some cases, there will be no symptoms.
  • There is no need to worry about an HPV infection or related symptoms. It is only normal to have an HPV infection, and in most cases, it can be self-cured.
  • The monitoring procedure and test analysis involve only simple efforts on the part of the person undergoing the HPV test.
  • Avoid unnecessarily following up with more tests before the ideal time limit is reached.

Wrapping Up

HPV tests are less about the infection or cure and more about your added vigilance in dealing with the potential health and wellness. There is no point in avoiding HPV tests, considering the possible chance of infection.

As for men, stay safe and alert in your sexual activities and don’t ignore the subject of HPV infection, thinking that an HPV test for women is not of concern to you.