Recent research – Nanotechnology and HPV treatment 

HPV – Human papillomavirus is constantly researched in the scientific world to find out a suitable solution for the infection and also to reduce the incidence of cancers associated with this infection. 

Even though polyherbal formulations like Basant are the result of clinically researched findings, more research is going on in the nook and corner of the world for revolutionizing the treatment of HPV infection. Basant has been a proven microbicidal formulation used for both preventive and prophylactic purposes and is now marketed worldwide owing to its efficacy. Basant is available as intravaginal capsules and is also going to be available as Basant cream soon. Let us see some of the recent research also helpful in HPV treatment.  

Recent researches conducted by Wenzhou medical university China suggest the use of nanotechnology-based weapons to combat HPV infection. Nanomaterials are widely used in biomedicine and other fields. Nano materials have electronic, magnetic, and optical properties which can be utilized for finding out HPV infections, neutralizing HPV, and treating HPV-induced infections.  In this regard, many nanotechnology-based chemotherapies, gene therapy, vaccination, or combination therapy have been developed by the researchers recently.