HPV– A Unique Virus to be Aware of!

Virus – the name itself is dreadful for many. What makes the human papillomavirus a unique one? How is its structure and mode of infection different from other viruses? If you probably suspect an HPV infection, of course, you should know more details about HPV.  Check out here now!  

More about HPV  

Papillomaviruses are tiny double-stranded DNA viruses that do not have a covering envelope and infect the epithelium of mucosa and skin. There are more than 100 identified varieties of HPV and half of these infect the genital tract. As many of these varieties of HPV are related to cervical cancers; they are classified as high-risk and low-risk HPVs.  Cancers associated with HPV types include anogenital, skin, and oropharyngeal cancers.  

Distinct structure from others  

All the papillomaviruses have similar genetic structures which is also different from other viruses like polyomaviruses. They have double-stranded circular DNA with a non-enveloped icosahedral capsid. The diameter of these viruses ranges from 52-55 cm approximately. They are specific also in action – they like to infect stratified – layered epithelium of the skin, anogenital tract, and inside the oral cavity. They are also considered to be ideal specimens to know the evolution of DNA viruses.   

Confirming HPV virus infection 

Genital warts associated with HPV can be seen in bright lightening with the naked eye. You can also use a magnifying glass. Your physician will do that for you, never mind! 

Prevalence of HPV  

It is dependent on you and your partner’s age, genetic factors, environmental factors, contraceptive use, other STD presence, sexual contact mode, etc.  

Apart from sexual contraction of infection, it is rarely seen spread by vertical transmission too. HPV infected mothers passed HPV to babies while in pregnancy and also during vaginal delivery as per some studies done in 1950s. This was of course rare, but risk exists.  

HPV is having wide spread in Africa and South America and this is less in Europe and Asia comparatively as per studies. Some also opine that the possibility of HPV infection increases after starting of sexual activity and subsides in the old age. Among HPV types, HPV 16 has more prevalence in Europe. When infection duration increases, prevalence of associated conditions like cancer also increases.  

Clearing of HPV infection  

The infection can be cleared within 1 year in 70 % of women and if the lesion is of low grade, about 50 % regress within 1 year. In short, high risk HPV infection which is persistent for long duration is only of serious concern.  

Other social conditions include pregnancy, immuno compromised state due to organ transplantation, HIV infection, etc. If the HPV infection comes to the surface during pregnancy and is relative of less intensity, it may subside without treatment also. In an immunocompromised state owing to organ transplantation and other   STD infections, chances of getting cervical cancer are high.   

Types of HPV warts  

Depending on the type of HPV and histology pattern, various types of skin HPV warts are there. Common warts called Verruca vulgaris associated mainly with HPV 2, 4, 7 and 57, deep plantar and palmar, myrmecial warts (HPV 1), plane warts (verruca planar; HPV 3, 10 and 41), intermediate warts (mixtures of common and flat warts; HPV 26, 27, 28 and 29) and cystic or punctate, mainly plantar warts (HPV 60, 63 and 65)- all these are examples of HPV associated warts. They are benign, have limited growth and subside by their own.   

BASANT– The clinically proven solution  

You now got the conclusion that HPV varies in types and presentations in the human body. Finding a safe solution also will be a tedious task due to this. Clinical research is going on in this arena for many years for a potent HPV medicine. Talwar research foundation, Delhi has done path-breaking research in this area and has gifted Basant, a unique polyherbal formulation helpful as a preventive and prophylactic antimicrobial medicine in HPV treatment. It helps to prevent the entry of HPV– 16 in cervical cells and thus acts as a preventive measure in HPV management. Not only HPV, Basant is also suitable for managing symptoms of other sexually transmitted infections like Neisseria, gonorrhoea etc. You can avail benefits of this formulation and herbal care sitting anywhere in this world. It is now available online worldwide. Be proactive in life, and be safe by restoring cervical health.